What is the difference between the Ventopedic concept and regular foam?
The Ventopedic concept may feel like foam, but it is completely the opposite. Foam will draw moisture from the skin andallow it to absorb inside the fabric. The Ventopedic concept will effectively draw the moisture inside the products BUT the moisture will not absorb thereby keeping the products dry and comfortable.

Will the Ventopedic products provide pressure relief?
Yes, the products do offer a cushioning support. Although the primary function of all the products is to effectively eliminate the presence of moisture on the skin.

Are the Ventopedic products machine washable and dryable?
Yes, all the products with NO EXCEPTION are fully washable and dryable.

Can the Ventopedic products be washed and dried in commercial machines at elevated washing anddrying temperatures?
Yes, all the products have been tested and they will not be damaged or affected when washing and drying at elevated temperatures. Products can be washed at 160 - 167°F (71 - 75°C) and dried at 220°F.

Will some of the Ventopedic products require any assembly?
No, all of the products are designed to avoid any assembly thereby avoiding misplacements of parts as well as assembly confusion.

Can the Ventopedic products be re-used after washing?
Yes, if the products are properly washed at elevated temperatures, they can be re-used.

Are the Ventopedic products guaranteed? If yes, for how long and for what?
All the products are guaranteed for 1 year following the date of purchase. Textile deficiencies or product craftsman ship defects are included in the guarantee.

How often should I wash a Ventopedic product?
Products should be washed at least once a week depending on patient usage and caregiver recommendations.

Will washing the products affect their effectiveness?

No, the products effectiveness will not wash out while washing. In effect, the products will keep their effectiveness after repeat washings.

Will the cushioning support inside the product diminish with time?
No, the products cushioning support is built directly in the fabric and will not diminish over time and usage.

Are the products available in different sizes?
Most of the products are available in small, medium, and large. Some of the products are one size fits all. Custom work on the products is available by contacting our customer service line at 1-877-448-4432.

Is their LATEX in some of the Ventopedic products?
No, all the products are 100% latex free.

Will the products help in controlling odors in contracted hands?
Yes, this is one of the concept’s best attribute. By controlling moisture / perspiration inside contracted hands, it will eliminate odors caused by access moisture.

What is the fabric content?
In general, the products are 90% polyester and 10% cotton. This may vary slightly in product were spandex is required.